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Huge thanks to Shane Mcguigan, Barry Mcguigan, Chris Billam and everyone else at Mcguigan's gym. Awesome experience and helped get me one bit closer to knocking out Logan.
Twitter: KSIOlajidebt
Instagram: ksi
Facebook: KSIOlajidebt/
Snapchat: therealksi
Music by Neffex

A S Lauder
A S Lauder 3 mánuðum síðan
Who’s here after CBS just won in the second round
jimmy mcleod
jimmy mcleod 4 mánuðum síðan
Seeing as viddal might not be able to coach jj for the Jake fight I think he should consider going back to the mcguigan gym as they train some top pros
93_Namikaze 5 mánuðum síðan
I didn’t know Superman Ethan trained JJ...
kiththan Subakaran
kiththan Subakaran 7 mánuðum síðan
He went from this to knocking down Faze Sensei and winning over Logan... IMPRESSIVE
Jake Trajkoski_YT
Jake Trajkoski_YT 9 mánuðum síðan
First spar*
Jordi Colaers
Jordi Colaers 9 mánuðum síðan
CONNOR! 10 mánuðum síðan
Who’s here after he beat Logan
Da Vid
Da Vid Ári síðan
Someone here after he won?
RBX Ári síðan
yo jj
meeko Ári síðan
We got some boxing experts in the comments oop
dedspeed Ári síðan
Please dont go down with your back I train Box
F Ári síðan
He is so bad
Archieee Ári síðan
Did he call the mcguigan Jim the mayweather gym?
ExzyyVlogz Ári síðan
Y’all do realize he is filming this he’s not gonna show him actually trying a lot bc he dosent wanna show his apponents🤦🏻‍♂️
Connor20201 Ári síðan
birbrinder dhillon
birbrinder dhillon Ári síðan
Sorry logan
birbrinder dhillon
birbrinder dhillon Ári síðan
Literally after a year u posted this u fought jake
PapaLevan Ári síðan
The music, is lit
Max._.Laird Ári síðan
most awkward spar ever
Fearless_ankle Ári síðan
Music at the beggining please??
Dean Alam
Dean Alam Ári síðan
Well...That was shit
WARRIOR GG 2 árum síðan
Do you mean first sparring
Mr Wetcloth
Mr Wetcloth 2 árum síðan
Everyone says." All the comment ate people being boxing expert" but come on even people you don't do boxing know that he is slopy , slow and bad
Shaun Summerstone
Shaun Summerstone 2 árum síðan
Is that NEFFEX I hear?
Thomas Ngolle
Thomas Ngolle 2 árum síðan
Am the i the only one that noticed ksi moves quicker in the weight he is in the video but when he bulked and fought Logan he was slower
GHX T 2 árum síðan
whats the music name ik its from neffex
;//; 2 árum síðan
Ksi uses neffex quite a bit
Sceptile UX
Sceptile UX 2 árum síðan
Disappointed that the intro wasn’t from eminem 😒
IkariFN 2 árum síðan
The defense they both had mad it hard for both of them to land
Nep 7
Nep 7 2 árum síðan
Damn JJ if you only used this technique in the actual fight. You could've easily won. Best see this in the Second Fight.
Stian Mikkelsen
Stian Mikkelsen 8 mánuðum síðan
Nep 7 explain how exactly
Samuel Hille
Samuel Hille 2 árum síðan
So low
Big Man Riotous
Big Man Riotous 2 árum síðan
9:56 just look at the guy that is standing right next to JJ... just watch 🤣🤣
BiTZ 3 mánuðum síðan
@Kadir Brko @Dan Blythe Guy on the left of him got left hanging
Dan Blythe
Dan Blythe 6 mánuðum síðan
Kadir the best
Kadir the best 8 mánuðum síðan
Which side
Babobo 2 árum síðan
Those blue winning gloves doooeee
Pedro Teresinho
Pedro Teresinho 2 árum síðan
TELL ME people realize he is doing poor technique on purpose cause he knows logan would see it
Ultraman619 2 árum síðan
Another wannabe boxing expert
LIAM TURNER 2 árum síðan
if thats your sparing for logan then ksi will be fucked dont even look good hitting pads ksi has no skill at all cant even shadow box .
Adam Livelsey
Adam Livelsey 2 árum síðan
Your so bad at boxing
The left Bollock
The left Bollock 2 árum síðan
Needs to step through with his rolls
Oni 2 árum síðan
Fair do's JJ ya forms coming on, ya looking better than ya first fight!! Little bit to much show boatin, but ya gonna kill this fight, not long now to prove all the hype and ya training has been worth while!!
Auztie 2 árum síðan
Logan Paul is Gonna murder Him Sadly ..
Jack Jak
Jack Jak 2 árum síðan
yeah ksi wont win against logan... as mutch as i want ksi to win but there is no chance of him winning this :'( rip ksi
Big Smajl
Big Smajl 2 árum síðan
jj is such a head hunter don't go for the k.o early score points and make logan gas out.
Vestium 2 árum síðan
u sooo bad, Paul ll destroy him inside 4 rounds. mark my words
Pantelas 9
Pantelas 9 2 árum síðan
Bro i thought you would be better ..your form is trash
thiwat photong
thiwat photong 2 árum síðan
The other guy is doing like 20 %, and why thé fu do your dont have both arms upp, one right hook and you are dropt
Saint Undead
Saint Undead 2 árum síðan
KSI really wants to be like muhammad
Bradley Brown
Bradley Brown 2 árum síðan
I support AFC Bournemouth!!! A guy had their old shirt on
Grant Watson
Grant Watson 2 árum síðan
Ha ha I see you do tricks with bricks ??? But bricks don't hit back !!!!!!
michael Jacobs
michael Jacobs 2 árum síðan
He's not athletic shit boxer
Fear Gaming
Fear Gaming 2 árum síðan
It's like watching golem try steal a cupcake from a giant. Dogshit boxer.
Daniel Pratt
Daniel Pratt 2 árum síðan
This dude will get knocked out by any left hook why is he bending all the way down
Daniel Pratt
Daniel Pratt 2 árum síðan
So your first spar?
RJ. 2 árum síðan
KSI is gonna get slept
Shark 2 árum síðan
Is it just me or these boxing videos are just so satisfying (I'm the 10000th comment, YES XD)
Ps Account
Ps Account 2 árum síðan
The tall guy was wack
Manuel MostDope505
Manuel MostDope505 2 árum síðan
Both KSI and Logan are harmless
Benedicto Torrecampo
Benedicto Torrecampo 2 árum síðan
Gay sparring
Rhodri Grove
Rhodri Grove 2 árum síðan
they're all smiling because he's shit
Junior Mbatha
Junior Mbatha 2 árum síðan
Ios Hacks Pro
Ios Hacks Pro 2 árum síðan
Like that guy wasn’t even hitting and the speed of his punches didn’t even look fast more like letting KSI look good
Mohammad Khan
Mohammad Khan 2 árum síðan
Im no expert but you srsly need to start defending.
chewy BBN
chewy BBN 2 árum síðan
This is Wat they call a fight?
Mani Crow
Mani Crow 2 árum síðan
chewy BBN This is what they call sparring you learned a new thing today congrats
Ghost Wolf
Ghost Wolf 2 árum síðan
Lol so many boxing experts here
Sade Ehler
Sade Ehler 2 árum síðan
Damn he sucks
D4ta12 2 árum síðan
Yep KSI doesn’t got the height but he still got it!💯
TheMorris Brothers
TheMorris Brothers 2 árum síðan
Hahahahaha you must be joking. Logan is going to beat him. Ksi boxing skills are at the lowest of them all. HAHAHAH
Octavio Jaquez
Octavio Jaquez 2 árum síðan
The other guy ain’t even punching and when he is he’s barley punching
Rafiqi Haqimi
Rafiqi Haqimi 11 mánuðum síðan
The other guy isnt even on his weight class anyway
Patricia Abbey
Patricia Abbey 2 árum síðan
bro you need to throw more punches
sowungchan tv channel
sowungchan tv channel 2 árum síðan
Your mouth is smelling bruh
sowungchan tv channel
sowungchan tv channel 2 árum síðan
Are u a gay....????????
Dominik LV Nagy
Dominik LV Nagy 2 árum síðan
Soooo shit here but good after training fir the logan fight but honestly Logan will win and so will jake paul They are better...DEJI IS A PUSSY
Ben Perks
Ben Perks 2 árum síðan
U should do some training with David haye but for real this time 😂
xdrank _xn
xdrank _xn 2 árum síðan
Follow through with those punches bro after your jab when you're sparring. You're gonna kill Logan.
Stian Mikkelsen
Stian Mikkelsen 8 mánuðum síðan
xdrank _xn finally a sensefull comment. It`s too funny to watch all these people in the comment section thinking they know shit about boxing
Ella Harnesse
Ella Harnesse 2 árum síðan
Mahhh boi neffexxxx
Ella Harnesse
Ella Harnesse 2 árum síðan
Bryan Pelekoudas
Bryan Pelekoudas 2 árum síðan
If ksi doesnt fix that stance he's going to get knocked on his ass
Meme Lord
Meme Lord 2 árum síðan
What was the song at the start
Mason 2 árum síðan
KSI vids are so motivational
MLNNCam 2 árum síðan
You can tell just about all his sparring partners aren’t even trying to really hit him therefore he’s not getting the work he should be getting
Mani Crow
Mani Crow 2 árum síðan
buzzkill HD "sparring" they put it there for a reason come on guy
Caitlin Thomas
Caitlin Thomas 2 árum síðan
Logan gunna destroy you lol he's knocking sparring partners out you love tappin dog
Frankie Barry
Frankie Barry 2 árum síðan
Lost his abs
Tommy Huynh
Tommy Huynh 2 árum síðan
TBH, you really move like crap in the ring .. too tense, and as much as I dislike Logan pool, I say he's gonna beat u silly in august.
Timothy Manurung
Timothy Manurung 2 árum síðan
Ksi needs to work on his footwork and his deff absolutely
Dane Ciubal
Dane Ciubal 2 árum síðan
And also try to make your self the bigger man when sparring with other even tho he is tall or not and don’t always distribute your strength on the arm try to rettain ong body so that you can’t get scared and if he is punching you continuesly try to dodge and try not to punch with your body always just make a hard jab on his face then dodginh the punch that he will give to you and don’t lose your guard whenever he punches you hard try to be as strong as a rock and keep doing that will defeat logan 🙂
Dane Ciubal
Dane Ciubal 2 árum síðan
I can see that when your sparring you keep moving around, you need to lessen that and go agressive mode cause if you do that when your in front of your opponent he will feel confident because he experience being in a ring which you only need to be agressive in order to win and he will smell a fear if you do that. Don’t always move around I know that it is a way to dodge the punches but also try being more agressive like I said cause it will give your opponent the fear or the power you have.
Talha Ejaz
Talha Ejaz 2 árum síðan
Song name in start
Blaize_ official_
Blaize_ official_ 2 árum síðan
JJ needs to change up his fighting style for the Logan fight the one he used with joe isn’t gonna work with Logan
A Archer
A Archer 2 árum síðan
They’re the old team of Carl Frampton over here in NI and I’ve met both Shane and Barry multiple times and they have all the time in the world, so down to earth! Would love to see you go back to them and try the challenge again!
Radu The Machine Aldea
Radu The Machine Aldea 2 árum síðan
Ksi fights so bad, a real boxer would have catch him on the ropes and finish him there exactly like joe weller, he didnt have enught experience and power weller... Even if i support ksi
Mani Crow
Mani Crow 2 árum síðan
Radu The Machine Aldea Ksi isn't a real boxer if you haven't noticed he's tryna become one tho
prosnipingnoobs 2 árum síðan
His hands are never up
Estevan Gaming
Estevan Gaming 2 árum síðan
What is the song at :10
Andy Albin
Andy Albin 2 árum síðan
Any one else find the sound of the glove hitting that pad satisfying
Stian Mikkelsen
Stian Mikkelsen 8 mánuðum síðan
Andy Albin search for «padporn» on youtube lad
Mason 2 árum síðan
that head gear reminds me of a little teddy bear
Joven Arriola
Joven Arriola 2 árum síðan
But it would be cool tho
Joven Arriola
Joven Arriola 2 árum síðan
But it probably won’t happen
Joven Arriola
Joven Arriola 2 árum síðan
I want to fight KSI
StianIron StianIron
StianIron StianIron 2 árum síðan
Ahhahah ksi is so fucked hahhah
YT-sniper Wolf157
YT-sniper Wolf157 2 árum síðan
He fights like a girl I’ll take him down easy
Mani Crow
Mani Crow 2 árum síðan
Tjay Jackson Nah white boy
Christian Torres
Christian Torres 2 árum síðan
Holy shit ksi does not have tits anymore😃😰😰
Brandon Mcdowell
Brandon Mcdowell 2 árum síðan
you're not a pro. keep your fucking hands up and stick to fundamentals
Mani Crow
Mani Crow 2 árum síðan
Brandon Mcdowell He isn't a pro So yeah
Brandon Mcdowell
Brandon Mcdowell 2 árum síðan
straight gawbage
Big Danny
Big Danny 2 árum síðan
body shots jj body shots
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