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Quick video showing me training at the 02 and training at our Camp with fans in London.
Viddal's Instagram: isitril
Twitter: KSIOlajidebt
Instagram: ksi
Facebook: KSIOlajidebt/
Snapchat: therealksi
Tickets To Football Match:

Loxbtw Mánuði síðan
KSI vs Jake will be here ooooo
Alp k
Alp k 2 mánuðum síðan
Sike 3hours ago guy
GameNWB 2 mánuðum síðan
Wow last comment before this was 6 months ago 😳
Charlesss F.
Charlesss F. 8 mánuðum síðan
Potential place for KSI vs JAKE 👀
Hh Ygm
Hh Ygm 9 mánuðum síðan
What’s his tracksuit called
MK2 9 mánuðum síðan
Who’s here after KSI vs Logan 2 And gib loss
MK2 9 mánuðum síðan
Hellish Lolz
Hellish Lolz 10 mánuðum síðan
What was the arena called again
Abdirahman Hussein
Abdirahman Hussein 11 mánuðum síðan
At 7:32
Abdirahman Hussein
Abdirahman Hussein 11 mánuðum síðan
At 1:26
Abdirahman Hussein
Abdirahman Hussein Ári síðan
At 7:33
Ws_jason _
Ws_jason _ Ári síðan
Ksi used to be fit
izaksi fishkey
izaksi fishkey Ári síðan
KSI your an asshole and more over you are a pussie with you brother DEJI.
Rrrr Hhhh
Rrrr Hhhh Ári síðan
Hi I'm from the future don't worry ur boy didn't lose and he didn't win either. It was a tie!!!!
Abdirahman Hussein
Abdirahman Hussein Ári síðan
At 7:33
Krazy Kai
Krazy Kai 2 árum síðan
1:52 KSI NIGGA😂😂😂
VTAYNOT 2 árum síðan
You should wear that bandana more
Rhyzz 2 árum síðan
RazorKevs 9 mánuðum síðan
TheFaze 2 árum síðan
*This title has me tripping because Logan actually did beat you in Round 1*
Angel Diaz
Angel Diaz 2 árum síðan
He beat you in the first and second round but you bounced back you deserved that Win
ByJuiceWRLD 2 árum síðan
It was a draw
Brian Padilla
Brian Padilla 2 árum síðan
"i can't wait till august" dosnet win
Balcescu Stefan
Balcescu Stefan 2 árum síðan
If not ur fans, better that you acknowledged Logan, respect
Monochrome Cai
Monochrome Cai 2 árum síðan
well i don't want you to win. no hate,i just don't like you :)
BrentPlaysGames 2 árum síðan
Song name 2:14?
Patrick Guglielmi
Patrick Guglielmi 2 árum síðan
Tomorrow lads
Isac Olofsson
Isac Olofsson 2 árum síðan
He is using the old Alia mincraft intro :)
Emachine 2 árum síðan
3:59 ummmm how long have they planned this then?
Darragh Joyce
Darragh Joyce 2 árum síðan
Logan is fucked
Darragh Joyce
Darragh Joyce 2 árum síðan
Its gonna be full and it wall be jjs fans and jj will knock logan out
Darragh Joyce
Darragh Joyce 2 árum síðan
Manchester arena is lit
Mateusz Odzimkowski
Mateusz Odzimkowski 2 árum síðan
Bruh 50 fps wtf
Nathan McShane
Nathan McShane 2 árum síðan
Yung Wulf
Yung Wulf 2 árum síðan
7:19 is the same ginger girl that chrisMD offended in his book signing
gaming is in my DNA
gaming is in my DNA 2 árum síðan
Jxdnn611 2 árum síðan
bluesss 149nsss
bluesss 149nsss 2 árum síðan
Ksi you look scared don't worry ksi god will protect you. Logan paul deserve a punch knock him out ksi if you can't knock him out it's embarrassing. Win for me ksi please god will protect you win for the fans win for your family and win for me....
Some random guy That likes memes
Some random guy That likes memes 2 árum síðan
What’s the song name
Lego Lad
Lego Lad 2 árum síðan
KSI does boxing video Uploads under 'Music' category K
Syed M Rahman
Syed M Rahman 2 árum síðan
Logan will be a bigger meme then joe
Gabriela Cobo
Gabriela Cobo 2 árum síðan
I dont understand the title of this video
Thejoker67 2 árum síðan
The Paul will go down
joons thong
joons thong 2 árum síðan
see that bandana broq
Lael moriarty
Lael moriarty 2 árum síðan
team Logan forever!!!!!!!!!!!
Malcom Mind
Malcom Mind 2 árum síðan
Who's watching after ksi won?
Hollywood Hotels
Hollywood Hotels 2 árum síðan
You better win this fight
Tatg 2 árum síðan
Ksi will beat logan paul ( but ksi train more you will be a star)
Amanda Kabat
Amanda Kabat 2 árum síðan
Olajide William Olatunji
The Pianist
The Pianist 2 árum síðan
Is he predicting the future im pretty sure its wrong
Engin Esen
Engin Esen 2 árum síðan
intro music = tristam & braken - flight
Pour me some Bleach
Pour me some Bleach 2 árum síðan
Ughhh, I still can’t get over the fact that Logan is so dumb that he ACTUALLY thinks he can fight KSI
OmegaMeep 2 árum síðan
Jaay Buccs
Jaay Buccs 2 árum síðan
i want to meet youuuu😞.
MOB Squad Gaming
MOB Squad Gaming 2 árum síðan
Real News
Miles Stevenson
Miles Stevenson 2 árum síðan
That bandana looks sick
Courtney Mccormick
Courtney Mccormick 2 árum síðan
Stand on Logan’s throat
Amelia Chahal
Amelia Chahal 2 árum síðan
Come on jj you got this
Jaylynn Futrell
Jaylynn Futrell 2 árum síðan
Wet Pants
Wet Pants 2 árum síðan
Man's got them AFRICAN GENES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tatg 2 árum síðan
Pauline Kino
Pauline Kino 2 árum síðan
Damn LP BEAT you in round one and he will do again THATS A DAMN FACT
Dr. Lava Lamp
Dr. Lava Lamp 2 árum síðan
Don't know why I expected Logan to comment on this video.
ellaaa 2 árum síðan
I can’t wait to see him all bruised from Logan’s fists lol woop😏😏😏
Katie Gehring
Katie Gehring 2 árum síðan
Wait do people actually support KSI?
Makenna Kircus
Makenna Kircus 2 árum síðan
“That good African gene” are you saying all white people are lesser than black people? Being black doesn’t just automatically make you better than everyone else.....
Patrick Smith
Patrick Smith 2 árum síðan
I now you can do it
Kail Burns
Kail Burns 2 árum síðan
Its funny how KSI even thinks he has a chance
Skiez 2 árum síðan
logan is trash
shirwa 2 árum síðan
Aqua 2 árum síðan
I'm not a fan of Ksi but I won't dislike because I am NOT a hater to anyone in the world.
vro, we peaked
vro, we peaked 2 árum síðan
Good luck to both of u blokes
-Syphec -
-Syphec - 2 árum síðan
This is the saddest attempt for milking views i have ever seen. I though the fight happened months ago
Abood shaheen
Abood shaheen 2 árum síðan
Logan Paul is going to knock ski ass
Abood shaheen
Abood shaheen 2 árum síðan
Arctic Foxx
Arctic Foxx 2 árum síðan
All of this for one fight's Logan Paul....not mike Tyson lol
Tasia Howard
Tasia Howard 2 árum síðan
Now most of y’all doubting jake Paul and Logan Paul cause there white hands down Logan will whoop his ass Deji has man boobs 😂😭and didn’t take his shirt off during there Congreve picture 🙄🖇✌🏾 and Ksi isn’t nothing he’s trash and when Logan and jake Paul win y’all better shut y’all damn mouths 🤪🤞🏾
Fvbxn on xbox
Fvbxn on xbox 2 árum síðan
Hope u win
Cam.kinney 94
Cam.kinney 94 2 árum síðan
But you gotta think what if Logan beats JJ
Young Amz15
Young Amz15 2 árum síðan
Black guy training ksi looks like blanco from Harlem Spartans. If u know then u know😂😂😂😂😂
Nathan Tribble
Nathan Tribble 2 árum síðan
Logan gonna win
Subject 19
Subject 19 2 árum síðan
I know disstracks seem old but u should write one on Logan and have it as walk on music
Havier 2 árum síðan
Your weak biaachhhhhhh
Deadtime 55
Deadtime 55 2 árum síðan
Fight Connor mcgregger
乂ʟᴀsᴛ乙】【 2 árum síðan
Beat that Logan Pork
Little yt
Little yt 2 árum síðan
logan is beter len you
Manuel Garcia
Manuel Garcia 2 árum síðan
You can’t really beat a guy who’s was a champ im wrestling, even tho it’s not boxing he has a lot more experience with fights. And he lifts a lot
Tyler Travis
Tyler Travis 2 árum síðan
So we're ignoring his "African gene" comment like it wasn't blatant racism?
Bangerz n Mashups
Bangerz n Mashups 2 árum síðan
Logan Paul is no punch bag like Joe though... I just made a KSI Battle Rap parody on my channel btw ;)
Jeremiah David
Jeremiah David 2 árum síðan
Both of their techniques are probably going to end up being shit anyways. It comes down to power, especially with headgear on and I think Logan might pack more power behind his punch
Ethan Johnstone
Ethan Johnstone 2 árum síðan
Logan Paul is one of those dicks that will use JJ’s song keep up as his walk out tune
BRAYDEN ABNEY 2 árum síðan
He is going to lose
Edga 2 árum síðan
Psi ski ksi kfc
Xdr Optics
Xdr Optics 2 árum síðan
Logan Paul's going to f*** you found when you guys fight he's going to win and take your belt
Dulce morales
Dulce morales 2 árum síðan
I dont think you should be a boxer because you get tired real easly you bately did work u werent even sweating that muck like logan he sweats to the point that his hair is wet
First Off, I'm such a bitch but
First Off, I'm such a bitch but 2 árum síðan
Don't know why I'm saying " if " because we all know that your going to knock his ass out of trending but even IF he some how wins I Will always love u as a fan man mad respect keep doing what ur doing we all wanna see that human plush get destroyed!!!
dont worry about ma name
dont worry about ma name 2 árum síðan
Ksi nigga😂
bigdaddy bigdaddy
bigdaddy bigdaddy 2 árum síðan
Logan is going to wim
robinhood barta
robinhood barta 2 árum síðan
when will hapen this fight????? aany body knows????
Erfan2828 x
Erfan2828 x 2 árum síðan
Dont fight please i love logan paul iam begging you please dont (like if you dont both of them to fight please)
Olav Ruijl
Olav Ruijl 2 árum síðan
Met fight against Ali-A
Brian 2 árum síðan
Android Games what’s going on I don’t understand why they fight my friend just told me some guy and Logan Paul are fighting
Filipe Mestre
Filipe Mestre 2 árum síðan
enjoy the like specially duo to neffex music :D - good video tho props